How To Choose A Sports Shoe?

A perfect shoe is a man’s best friend because it protects the foot from all kinds of stress, pressure, cuts etc. The right shoe just perfectly fit without any effort but it is to be noted that the it is very difficult to choose the perfect running because one has to consider the factors like size, height of the heel, amount of pressure that it can handle.

A sport shoe is different from the other shoes because it contributes in performance of the athlete because it simply helps in just in better and efficient running. New technologies have helped the shoemakers to manufactures that provides more cushion that provides injury.

Factors To Consider

Stack Height

Stack height is important factor to consider when purchasing a shoe, it includes the amount of material that is present between the heel and the ground. It come in many numbers like minimal cushioning to extra thick cushioning. So, when buying sports shoe, it is advisable to choose shoes that is medium cushioned. It can help you to avoid injuries like heel injury and other foot injury.

Heel Toe Drop

It also known as slope of the shoe as it tells how the shoe you will feel the shoe when you run. In practice the material between under the hell and the total amount of material that is present under the forefoot. Running shoes usually have more material under the heel this helps in providing cushion when landing on heel. This presence of more cushion helps in reducing the impact of landings.

Pronation Control

Running shoes can be either neutral or shoes which provides more stability. In the market there are about 80% of neutral running , which is the majority in the running shoe segments. While only 20% of the shoes are stability shoes, but they provide more protection to the feet and the ankle.