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CSA's patience and money is only going to last for so long, as Newlands looks longingly backwards into the past, rather than forwards into the future

If everyone loves Newlands, why's it such a mess?

This year's Newlands Test was only made possible by an intervention from Cricket South Africa, as the Western Province Cricket Association lurch from crisis to crisis
2d ago
Sri Lanka lost 7 games out of 9 in the recently concluded World Cup.

The silver lining around Sri Lanka's cloud

Sri Lanka's performances on the world stage have grown increasingly limp over the past decade, but ongoing changes offer optimism
Dec 18 2023
Kohli topped the run charts in the World Cup but it still wasn't enough.

The merciless expectations haunting Kohli and Maxwell

In the rarified air of top-level cricket, it's worth pausing to appreciate just what it takes for the game's best players to do what they do
Nov 30 2023
In searching for an ideal World Cup format the ICC have walked a long road, and their turnpike-pounding doesn't seem over quite yet

Why this World Cup format feels so right

There have been nearly as many World Cup formats as there have been editions of the tournament, yet the ICC seems to have found the middle of the bat with the current one
Nov 03 2023
"I don't know when I knew I wanted to be a fast bowler, but the scary thing is that from the age of 11 I haven't played any other sport."

The secret life of Gerald Coetzee

South Africa's latest fast bowling find is young, quick, talented and has impeccable manners. How did he become not only a hot prospect, but also so thoroughly decent?
Nov 01 2023
'If all I'm trying to do is play that next game, then I'm not necessarily growing as a player'

Why Matt Henry's plate is always full

The New Zealand quick tells Cricbuzz how undergoing surgery early in his career, and carrying a lot of drinks, taught him how to choose his internal narrative
Oct 27 2023
2019 sold England a dream. It was a generational event: the right players at the right time in the right place

When a lifecycle turns

The 2019 World Cup was the longed-for endpoint of England's ODI project. So much time has passed since then, and yet for England it has also stood still
Oct 25 2023
No game in cricket generates the intensity that cricketers experience in a clash between India and Pakistan

India vs Pakistan - The day before

With its unparalleled level of intensity, cricketers taking part in an India-Pakistan clash find the build-up to the encounter dedicated to mental preparation, as two former players relate
Oct 13 2023
With waning spectator engagement and commercial interest, the future of the 50-over World Cup faces questions and doubts

Why the ODI World Cup will endure

With waning spectator engagement and commercial interest, the future of the 50-over World Cup faces questions and doubts but there are enough reasons to be optimistic going forward
Oct 05 2023
Dawid Malan is as straightforward and frictionless as his cover drive

The Challenge of Being Dawid Malan

Dawid Malan is batting as well as he can, and has made England's World Cup squad, yet still carries the sense of being left behind.
Sep 20 2023
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